We Believe in Fair and Equitable Timesharing and Parenting Plans for the Betterment of the Family

Timesharing is the legal terminology that has replaced the term “custody”, in the Florida court system, as the law prefers to encourage both parents to spend equitable quality time with their minor children. The schedule of timesharing is documented in a formally written parenting plan, which is legally binding and enforceable by the law. A parenting plan can be agreed upon by both parents and approved by a judge or it can be imposed by a judge if the parents are in disagreement regarding the terms. A parenting plan is highly detailed, prioritizing the children’s best interests and encouraging an ongoing, supportive relationship with both parents. In the co-parenting of a child, the court expects the parents to place the needs of the children ahead of their own desires. There are many items that are included in a parenting plan that includes timesharing and parental responsibilities. Some of these are;

  • Living/housing arrangements
  • Childcare arrangements
  • Healthcare decision making
  • Extra curricular activities and cultural events
  • Decisions regarding education
  • Treatment decision making for children with special needs
  • A weekly schedule of visitation including holidays, birthdays, vacations and special occasions.
  • Child support payments.

In the consideration of a parenting plan for co-parenting arrangements, the court will look at many factors. The physical and mental health of each parent, their criminal history and any issues of domestic violence or abuse, neglect or abandonment can greatly impact the timesharing of the children. Although parental alienation is known to negatively impact the well being of children, the court looks at the ability for each parent to provide a stable environment. A parent can petition the court for a modification of a parenting plan for many reasons, however safety concerns for the child is the most urgent. The petitioner must have convincing evidence proving the need for a change in the plan. Other reasons for a modification can be the relocation of a parent, the death of a parent or that one parent is in violation of the plan.

C.J. Hilliard Law, P.A. can Assist with your Co-Parenting Concerns

For parents that are not together, a collaborative approach is the best solution for raising their children. If the parents are able to work together and agree on a plan outside of formal court proceedings, they can present the plan to the family court judge for approval. The plan then becomes enforceable by law. However, if the parents are unable to work out an amicable solution regarding the children, a family law attorney can assist in preparing recommendations and evidence for the division of responsibilities and child support payment amounts. C.J. Hilliard Law, P.A. is passionate about advocating for the rights of children. We can assist with the negotiation of a comprehensive parenting plan for co-parenting, either agreed upon by both parents or by presenting evidence to a judge in the court room. Each of our clients receives personalized attention as we work diligently for the betterment of the family members. Call for a fifteen minute phone consultation or a low cost office consultation, so that we can discuss your concerns and your unique situation.