Family Law

Family law is that area of the legal system that deals with the obligations and responsibilities of individuals in all matters related to family, as in the termination of a relationship or in estate planning. Family law encompasses many practice areas, some of which are dissolution of marriage, alimony payments, equitable distribution of assets and debts, co-parenting issues, paternity, modifications, child support and family estate planning. These are highly charged, emotional issues for all the parties involved and the court system, having jurisdiction over domestic matters, attempts to find the best possible legal solutions for families in crisis. High conflict divorce, child abuse cases and termination of parental rights are among the most traumatic cases.

The role of a family law attorney is to manage legal issues that occur between family members, remaining empathetic, while providing support, advocacy and resources that will facilitate their client to move forward. A family law attorney offers legal counsel and representation both in court room proceedings and mediation services.

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The process of family law, in divorce cases, begins when two parties are unable to resolve domestic issues and they seek legal assistance for the dissolution of their marriage. When a divorce petition is filed, this is the time to request protective orders, if needed, and temporary court orders for child support, visitation and alimony. Temporary court orders remain until the final court decree for the dissolution of marriage is in place. Refusing to adhere to temporary or permanent court orders can result in contempt of court charges. During a divorce proceeding, the court system will appoint a mediator, which is a third party neutral person, who will intervene and mediate any conflicts that the couple may have in regards to a parenting plan or economic factors in the distribution of their assets and debts. For unresolved issues after mediation, there is a court room proceeding, at which time the judge will examine the evidence and testimony. The judge will make a decision and issue a final divorce decree. After the divorce, there can be appeals to request modifications of the divorce decree, which can occur when either party’s lifestyle changes, often in areas such as relocation, remarriage, parenting plans and monetary issues.

A family law attorney can advise clients on the legal aspects of implementing an estate plan. A revocable or irrevocable trust or a will can be executed, to give the client peace of mind that their wishes will be carried out, in the event of death or incapacity, for personal and business matters. Each estate plan is unique to the individual. For any major life changes such as divorce, marriage, the birth of a child or the death of a family member, beneficiary designations need to be reviewed

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