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Welcome to C.J. Hilliard Law, P.A. We are a Central Florida family law firm that provides supportive legal services to families undergoing change. Family law governs the rights and responsibilities of those in domestic relationships that are in a state of transition. Our focus is negotiation, mediation or aggressive court representation for our client’s domestic issues, which are often due to the termination of a relationship. Much of our practice deals with the settlement of matters related to, and including, the dissolution of marriage. This encompasses many areas, such as divorce, alimony, equitable distribution and injunctions. If there are children as a result of the marriage, there are many child related matters such as financial support, timesharing issues, parenting plans, paternity, contempt and modifications of court orders. Additionally, we offer law services for the drafting of estate plans, for the distribution of assets and debts following a person’s death. This includes documents such as wills, revocable and irrevocable trusts and the litigation of will contests.

We represent clients in court proceedings or in contract negotiations that will guide their future.

Our clients are spouses and ex-spouses, including same sex family law issues, estate planners and their heirs and beneficiaries. The process of completing timely and accurate documents can be the difference between a case being won, delayed or dismissed. The guidance of a family law attorney is invaluable as we are familiar with the State of Florida laws governing divorce, children and estate planning. This is especially important if there are considerable assets, pensions or children involved. For instance, estate planning documents must be completed according to the regulations of the State of Florida, or the documents will be deemed invalid in court after a descendent’s death. In divorce cases, a family law attorney is aware of many long term consequences that a spouse may overlook, especially in a highly charged, emotional and contested divorce.

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C.J. Hilliard Law Firm, P.A. is the Solution for all of your Family’s Legal Needs

At C.J. Hilliard Law, P.A., we recognize that cost is a factor in procuring needed legal services. In an effort to reduce fees, we do our best to negotiate and mediate disputes between our client and the other party, in lieu of court litigation. Negotiation and compromise is often the best financial option for all the parties involved in a dispute of any kind. For example, we can draft and negotiate a fair parenting plan that can be presented to the court, to be approved by a judge. Or, the spouses can fuel the fires and fight for principle, which can result in a lengthy and very costly court proceeding. To reduce legal fees, we recommend that you bring all documents and evidence related to your case to our first meeting, so that we can expediently work on your legal issues with minimal subsequent visits and phone calls. We offer a fifteen minute phone consultation to discuss your case or a low cost office consultation. If necessary, we can meet with you in a location that is convenient to you. C.J. Hilliard Law Firm, P.A. has the knowledge and skills to resolve your legal issues, facilitating a smooth transition into your future.